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Patient Care


Optimal safety to patients, therapists, and the general pubic is our primary concern. In order to meet the standards provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health, as well as our regulatory colleges and associations, the following guidelines must be adhered to.

What to expect:

  1. Begin by booking an appointment. Due to the demand and the gradual restart, we will not be activating all of our therapists online schedule at this time. This allows us to reschedule appointments that were previously cancelled, as well as assist more urgent patients. If  you do not see the therapist you are trying to schedule with, please call us at (289) 895-8181.

  2. Bookings will generate a confirmation email that will direct you to answer a series of screening questions for risk of COVID-19. If you chose not to offer an email, those same screening questions will be posed by a therapist. 

  3. Although we love punctuality, you will be asked to remain outside or in your car until the therapist is ready to begin the appointment. If we have your cell number on file, our therapist can text or call you to notify you that we are ready. Otherwise, please wait at either entrance until a therapist can meet you there. To eliminate walk-in traffic, both doors will be locked.

  4. Prior to entry into the clinic, the same screening questions will be asked again to ensure that your health has not changed.

  5. Please minimize the personal belongings you are bringing to your appointment. If at all possible please leave purses, strollers, etc. at home or in the car.

  6. Unless absolutely necessary, we ask that you please arrive alone. The waiting room will not be available for friends and family members. If a parent or caregiver is required, only one individual should accompany the patient. All visitors must be recorded in a visitor log by the therapist.

  7. Prior to entering the clinic, you must be wearing a clean disposable or reusable mask that will be worn throughout the entire experience. This applies to accompanying parents and care givers as well. If you cannot wear a mask due to a health condition or difficulty breathing, our therapist must use their professional judgement to assess the risk of providing or continuing treatment.

  8. Once you enter the clinic, you will be asked to sanitize your hands with the sanitizer provided.

  9. We encourage you to use the washroom facilities prior to coming to your appointment. Our facilities are available, but we are trying to utilize them for emergencies only. If you do use the washroom, please notify your therapist so it can be sanitized immediately after use

  10. Any personal items (clothing, footwear, jackets, etc.) are to be placed in the provided bin, prior to the treatment beginning.

  11. During the entire process, therapists will be required to wear surgical grade, single use, disposable face masks.

  12. Upon completion of the treatment, we ask you to remain in the treatment room. The therapist will leave so you can dress. Once you are ready, please open the treatment door slightly, and our therapist will bring the receipt and a portable debit/credit machine to the treatment room. Re-booking will also occur in the treatment room.

  13. Upon leaving please sanitize your hands again.

  14. For your peace of mind, all surfaces that the previous patients have been in contact with (treatment table, chairs, door knobs, light switches, vinyl pillow covers, storage bins, electronics, etc.) will be disinfected in preparation for your visit. In accordance with previous massage standards, ALL linens will be changed after each use, and washed with bleach on the hottest setting available.

Health and safety is not only our main priority, it is our responsibility. We appreciate your cooperation with our standards of Patient Care. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to inquire with any of our therapists, we are here to help.

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